How we work

Many design agencies will offer a list of prescriptive steps or a process to tell you how they work. We tried to come up with our own, but soon realised that every client and every project is different. When you work with us, we don't believe you should have to follow our process; we try to work in a way that suits you.

So instead, we offer you these six simple promises:

  1. We will listen to you as you explain what you're looking to achieve.
  2. We will help you to refine your objectives and to select the right communication channels.
  3. We will challenge you, when appropriate, to make sure that your communication objective and methods will deliver the results you're looking for.
  4. We will design from your perspective, supporting your brand, considering your audience and never forgeting your objectives.
  5. We will notify you throughout the design and production process so that you always know what is happening and what to expect.
  6. We will review the end result with you once the project is delivered, to make sure you're satisfied with the outcome of the project.

Why not contact us, work with us on a project and see how we live up to our promises?


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